Sunday, March 23, 2008

I am the Computer, the Computer is Me

Ok, this is ever-so-slightly, really quite too much. I have been working on my computer since Friday afternoon and it's Sunday night and I've just realised it's Easter Sunday and haven't seen my parents or wished them Happy Easter and I've barely spoken to anyone all weekend and eaten really junky fast food and have not drunk enough water and haven't left the house all weekend! I could really be quite close to burning out, how much work is a human brain physically capable of before it collapses on itself and implodes?

I have this really tight, knotted feeling in my solar plexus. Do you know how it feels when you're choking back tears and the tightness in your throat has travelled all the way down your chest and settled in a constricted knot right at the top of your rib cage? I have this really strong urge to hyperventilate until I pass out.

On the positive side, I have achieved quite a lot over this weekend. Let's see, I have:
- Learnt how to build an HTML microsite and make it autorun when someone inserts the CD (this is for my press kit)
- Designed the cd label for abovementioned press kit cd-rom
- Created a whole new section in Mother for children (called Whippersnapper), including creating all the graphics
- Added 2 new recipes to the main section, and 4 recipes to Whippersnapper
- Learnt how to manipulate the .php.html on my website backend, and revised all the recipe listing pages (big accomplishment, in my eyes!).
- Trouble-shooted and fixed broken links on the website (related to aforementioned php fiddling)
- Completed my accounting "homework" for the bookeeper
- Relocated Robot to Kaki Isles in Second Life

..and listened to this song about 50 times (I'm really not exaggerating) to keep my spirits up.

I'm also thinking of my dear friend V who is also going through a very tough time right now, so this is also dedicated to her.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why do my food images change colour when they're uploaded to web?? I must be doing something wrong with my colour management!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and in one of the chapters, a group of friends gather around on Thanksgiving to celebrate a birthday. They end the evening with the American custom of joining hands and saying what they're most grateful for, and as they each articulated their blessings I was moved to tears. That took me by surprise because I haven't had much time to be sentimental this past few months...but I wanted my turn too. So here it goes:

I am grateful to the Universe who has always given me everything I have asked for, and never more than I can bear.