Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why do my food images change colour when they're uploaded to web?? I must be doing something wrong with my colour management!!


no said...

I can only think of 2 options:
You uploaded an image too large and it auto shrunk and adjusted the image causing distortions in color OR You are viewing it on a different monitor and that can make all the difference in the world. Different monitors have different color renderings... not always too noticeable, but maybe enough to catch your attention.

Christine said...

Hmmm. Not the monitor because I'm viewing it on the same monitor. Defintiely maybe the resizing. But I reckon it's something to do with Photoshop because I fiddle around with the shots, and am probably doing something daft like working in CMYK when I should be using RGB or something! Thanks heaps No!

no said...

Have you been using 16 or 8 bits/channel? This *might* effect the outcome after upload. If you have it set at 16 and then if it's stripped down to 8 automatically then you would lose some colors. All this is an IF THEN lol - but it'd be good to use 8 anyways.

You can check by going to Image::Mode:: and it'll be in that drop down.

Hope that that is it, but who knows.

Love the Blog.