Thursday, July 26, 2007


Up at 5:30am this morning with an idea igniting my veins, couldn't sleep, had to get to my computer to write to my favourite brainiac, Juliet Ceres, whom I met in Second Life when we were both learning to build and who has since surpassed my modest virtual achievements in leaps & bounds....and is quite possibly one of the cleverest people I know (um, present company excluded).

Our SL acquaintance has evolved into an RL friendship and I hope will continue to grow until we can work together in the same physical space!

How privileged are we to benefit from the technology that enables us to become friends with someone thousands of miles away and to make genuine connections with people you've never even's amazing! Love it!

Anyway, it was raining and the Fruitcake was the only person awake at that crazy hour. I wonder why I don't get up at that time's so peaceful and silent. The sky, dark when you first emerge but gradually bleeding into daybreak. The silence of the stars melting into the melodic dawnsong of a hundred birds.

It's a good time to think.

It's a good time to listen to Portishead.

Melody - Portishead featuring Lane Birkin

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