Thursday, May 31, 2007

Need Space! Need Space!

Hmmm okay, so the Institute of Estate Agents have recommended guidelines on the commission payable by landlord/tenants to the real estate agents who help you look for space, and perhaps this is why I haven't been feeling any love from the people I have contacted.

From IEA's "Professional Fee / Commission for Real Estate Agents / Agencies 2006 Reprint"

Since I'm looking for space going for less than $2500, and most estate agents have probably encountered resistance about this commission since they are only intended as guidelines and clause 1.3 in the document stipulates upfront that "This scale of professional fee/commission is not intended to restrict or interfere with any private arrangements which Agents/Agencies may have with their clients" - implying that it IS negotiable - then perhaps it's not worth the effort from the estate agent's POV, especially if co-broking is involved.

Fair 'nuff!

There's gotta be a site for agents working for the seller/landlord to list directly without having to go through a co-broker!

*Makes a note to do some real estate sleuthing tomorrow*

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