Thursday, May 31, 2007

Palate Sensations

This has been a great 2 weeks for discovering new and exciting blogs to read! I bought the Active Catering directory last week and came across Palate Sensations, a lovely culinary studio I'm dying to try out.

I'm always amazed at how things fall into your path just as you're wishing for them! I had decided a few weeks ago that the NewBiz would offer cupcakes and was scouting around for resource materials when along came Palate Sensations with their cupcake baking class perfectly adapted to my taste because while I love the idea of cupcakes, I don't often eat them because they are far too sweet!

So I'm going along to that on Saturday....yay *excited*! Must remember not to drink too much on Fri night :P

I was particularly interested in Palate because Lynnette Foo, their culinary mistress, was an ex-accountant who gave it all up to follow a dream AND writes about it in her blog AND is also born in Malaysia at the same hospital as me!

It's been fascinating reading about her travels, and her blog has provoked thought about writing about your personal feelings about business/clients because I had fully planned to continue sharing my learnings after the NewBiz is launched. I admire and applaud any brave voice and hate any form of censorship. A blog should be a medium where one should be able to express any view, to anyone, in any way they bloody well like!

But I suppose if one is to approach this from a purely marketing/branding POV then some restraint is required if you are going to be completely candid about the name & nature of your business. Cobalt Paladin talks about his frustrations but doesn't reveal the name of his business so to the Average JoeBlog, his personal viewpoints don't influence him professionally. I guess a blog, linked to a business, will ultimately be a public relations vehicle so one should be aware of the message you're selling communicating.

Well anyway, that's what I think with my marketing hat on. Personally, I agree with all of her posts - there are some awful clients out there - and besides, why should any business cater to the lowest common denominator? I have always believed that the quality of your product/service should come first and if you try to please everyone, it will only erode your production values.

And....Lynn's Lynnette's candid and sometimes vulnerable opinions has only made me look forward to meeting her more.

So there!

PS: Talking about cupcakes, I sprang out of bed this morning and spent a few anxious hours peering out of my window anticipating my first delivery of CCup's luxury gourmet cupcakes before realising they're only coming next week! Poo :(


Palate Sensations said...

Hi Christine

Thanks for your kind comments. It's nice to read that people understand what we do at the school.

I hope you enjoyed your cup cake class.

Palate Sensations

Christine said...

Hi Lynette *waves* it was a GREAT class, I had so much fun and I've never really liked cupcakes myself, but I LOVED Lynn's recipes. It's given me a bit of a sweet tooth actually, and I've started the unfortunate habit of craving tea and a cake at around 4pm every day :-S

Lynn said...

Yay! So glad you liked the cupcakes. My #1 rule is to never make anything that only looks good but taste horrible =o)

Kate said...

Hey, came across your blog and thought I'd comment too! is an online women portal, and did a tie-up with Palate Sensations recently. We enjoyed the classes greatly.

Palate Sensations is truly one great culinary school in Singapore.