Saturday, May 05, 2007

An Unproductive Week

I've hardly done anything for the newbiz this week. How disappointing - it's the downside for having to work to finance your enterprise. I've been working pretty full-on on a freelance project for my old boss/ex-agency but I'm not really complaining because this job will pay for the web development and the design of the corporate identity!

I know when it's been an unproductive week because I hardly get anything crossed off my
To Do List. I write one at the beginning of every week and it's so helpful for planning your days. I have a pack of fat Crayola crayons that I use to cross items off when they're completed - immensely gratifying to feel that waxy stripe sliding along the page! Here's my list for this week.

I hate weeks like this when I've hardly crossed anything out!

If you want the template, just alt-click here (or right click and Save As). It's a word docco that you can drop your logo on. Hamster is the name of my freelance project management business - cos I jus' git on dat wheel!

Oi - don't laugh at my time management strategies! I am the most undisciplined, lazy, prone to procrastination person I know and I have to resort to all sorts of tricks to fool myself into working. Here's another one : The Kitchen Timer. I have a very short attention span and sometimes when I'm right up against a deadline and
have to make myself work I'll negotiate with myself. One hour of solid working (NO Second Life, NO JT's Blocks, NO blogging) and then I can go out and play. I know - how old am I, 9?!?!

It works though. I've managed to hypnoptise myself into loving the tick-tick-tick-tick sound the timer makes as it's counting down - it really gets me in the mood. Hey, did anyone ever watch Ch. 4's Countdown with Carol Vorderman & Richard Whiteley? Loved that show!

This handy kitchen timer cost me about S$5 at Takashimaya's kitchen dept


Juliana Lee said...

Hey! That's a great tip I'm going to try the kitchen timer trick too. I also find it hard to concentrate for a long time and usually do things like use tv programmes or meal times to force myself to work otherwise I can't watch the show. It works for me!

Christine said...

Yes! People like us work very well on the reward system :)