Friday, May 25, 2007

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will Appear

Isn't it funny how taking one step leads to another...and another...and another?

I recently stumbled across Cobalt Paladin's blog, A Long and Arduous Road of an Entrepreneur and have been reading, and learning.

I spent many months this past year fretting about my lack of mentors, wishing I knew more like-minded people, eager to learn from the experience of others who have taken a leap of faith and given it all up. One of the reasons I started writing this blog was the hope that my frustration now could reduce someone else's anxiety in the future. Maybe several years down the line (when I actually had some real-life lessons to share!) someone wide-eyed & bushy-tailed, yet scared and unsure will trip across this on his/her travels and know they aren't alone. Or maybe even reach out to me for help.

Cobalt's blog has filled a little void in me, and opened up a network of other entrepreneurial bloggers in Singapore that I hope to be able to learn from. He is 6-7 years into his business, and has chronicled his journey from small decisions to big ones. What I admire, and take inspiration from is not the success or failure of his enterprise, or how big his company has grown...but how he has learned about himself, and retained his humanity despite the temptation of success.

I think there is a seed in all of us bloggers to share, and teach, and inspire. There is, of course, a certain vanity in sharing my voice with you (it's no coincidence practically every paragraph starts with "I"!).....but I don't write to look in the mirror. I write for for my friends, and for my future children, and anyone who has ever been in my shoes even for a moment.

I write for dreamers.

I write for you.

So. To Cobalt, who writes in the early hours when the world is sleeping and his son is ill and the responsibilities of his business are bruising a tattoo on his soul, it's not for nothing. Thank you.


Cobalt Paladin said...

Thank you for your accolades but I don't think I deserve them.

Good luck to your new venture! Dare to dream!

Christine said...

Thanks for stopping by Cobalt!!