Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Heart Love Lard

My family and I were sitting around the dinner table and debating what animal we would choose to eat forever if we had to pick one. The Dolphin chose lamb. My dad picked chicken (I think). But my mother and I, we picked the wonderous PIG. we love a good oinker. You could eat pig for a year and never repeat a dish. Stephane Reynaud has dedicated an entire tome to this bountiful creature.

And one of my favourite pig products is....CHU YAU CHAR, or pork fat rendered till it's crispy. OMG it's soooo decadently unhealthy and if my mum's around, I have to ask for it in a whisper and quickly camouflage it with my noodles otherwise I get a real earful.

Look, I believe in being good 85% of the time, and saving the other 15% for things like whipped cream on your Frappuccino. And french fries. And extra butter and clotted cream on your scones. And a good british banger (or four). ......and crispy pork fat!

Pork lard is a global heritage. Delicious Days has a yummy german recipe, the Filipinos have their chicharon, the British have their pork scratchings. It's a veritable offering for world peace!

Mmmmm.... Top Five Favourite Things to eat Chu Yau Char with:
Malaysian Hokkien Mee
Hong Kong Street Milky Fish Soup
Bak Chor Mee, or pork noodles
Wonton Mee
On it's own when mum's not looking

And guess what, Beyonce totally agrees!!!

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