Saturday, June 23, 2007

Up & Down & Round & Round

Ongoing problems with the location. We were about to start renovation (with the landlord's agent's consent) on Wednesday morning. Received an email on Tuesday night while I was in Melaka asking me to stop the reno works until further notice.

The landlord's agent also took great offence at the email I sent them, and is now being incredibly un-cooperative and....petulant.

Words cannot describe how depressing this is. It's like being constipated and having diarrhea at the same time. Bleh.

I've learnt a lesson, though. It doesn't pay to be Little Miss Right all the time. I could have been more diplomatic and less antagonistic in my email. I was completely justified in my arguments, but I didn't have to write it from my high horse. I think that's why I felt so awful about sending it the next day, I knew I'd been a little harsh. I wasn't a bitch, but I certainly wasn't constructive either.

Anyway, I've started looking for a location up again in case Chiku road falls through. Saw some great places in Kampong Glam - I would love a shophouse there! Not least because my lil bro (related by vodka) SBTG + the Phunk boys would be just across the road and the fabulous eclecticism of Haji Lane is just round the corner.

I met with the agent who reps the area and we went to see a couple of places. All have potential, but would need a significant increase in my rental & reno budget. It's a HEAPS better location than Chiku but I have to figure out if it's worth the 75% increase in rent. I'm surprised there weren't more places available, and it occured to me this morning that perhaps many landlords choose to work without an agent to avoid having to pay commissions!

So with that in mind, I've decided to start a little campaign. I've made a little flyer (laminated and with a little ribbon :) and am going to do a few maildrops in shophouses / units that look empty in Kampong Glam. There are loads!

Let's see if anyone bites.


Kenneth Lim said...

That's a good idea, I also had problems finding a suitable location when I was starting up and did some maildrops too. The response was okay, I got some good ldeas that way. The property market now is quite crazy, it's a real landlord's market so having a (good) agent is also beneficial because they know the market standards and can help protect you from unscrupulous landlords taking advantage. Good luck!

Christine said...

Oh goodie so it's not just me! for a moment I thought I was on some real estate blacklist! wouldn't have a refurbished conservation shophouse in a great location just lying around doing nothing, would you....?