Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Real Estate Woes

I'm upset.

This property I'm so exuberant about was acquired via two co-broking agents from extremely well known agencies - ERA and Knight Frank.

I paid 1 month's agency commission to my agent, deposited 1 month's rent with the landlord's agent and signed the Letter of Intent yesterday.

Today, I discover that the property I have paid a deposit for may not be available because the previous tenant has not vacated. When I rang the landlord's agent, he was with the landlord and I overhead him say my unit is not available.

I've already paid 1 mth's commission plus 1 mth's deposit and bought the kitchen stuff. I feel naiive and dumb and am thinking about stopping those cheques :(

Am I being too kan cheong?


Kraken Uramen said...

Stop them, now! O_O

That's kinda fraud... :/

Christine said...

Argh stress! I've decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and sleep on it.

PS: Thanks for reading my blog Kraken, even though you're far, far away!