Thursday, June 07, 2007

Writing Thank You Letters (part I)

**Update 8/6/07 : Comfort received the letter and rang me this morning to say they would be rewarding Danny and holding up as an example! Yay!

I'm really rubbish at making time to write Thank You notes. It's something I must address because I really appreciate great service, and am always touched and delighted when people go the extra mile for me. I've always thought that most people most people (including myself) would sit down and write a complaint to recitify a problem in a flash, but not bother to write an accolade. Why should bad behaviour always be in the spotlight, hey??

So I'm going to throw two virtual bouquets out in this forum, then cut n' paste what I've written and send it through to the Straits Times and their respective corporate customer service departments.

Mr Danny, SHA 5619H, Comfort Transportation

There is soooooo much flak about taxi drivers, I think they are probably as disliked as parking ticket wardens!

But one evening, I was really late for yoga and rang a taxi to take me from home to Ngee Ann City. When we were at the Grange Road/Orchard Boulevard I realised that Darn Bugger Drat I'd left my wallet at home!! I had 10 minutes before the class started and had to turn back to retrieve my purse. The taxi driver was sympathetic and started to indicate to turn around when we had the following conversation:

Danny "Aiya, damn leichei go all the way back then your class starting what time?"
Chrissy "In ten minutes!"
Danny "Aiyoh then you surely cannot make it. Tell you what, why don't I dropy ou off then come and collect the money from your home later. What time you finish?"
Chrissy "Hah, really? Then I run off how? Are you sure?"
Danny "Yah yah, sure. Anyway that one just now is your house right?"
Chrissy "Yah yah my house"
Danny "Then how to run off, I know where you live liao. Ho ho ha ha!"

So he dropped me off at the taxi stand and then tried to give me $10 so I could get home!!!!! Can you bloody believe it?? I was truly gobsmacked but had to refuse - how could I accept $10 from the taxi driver uncle when he'd already gone out of his way?? We exchanged numbers and I said he could come by the house at 10:30pm because my class finished at about 10pm.

But wait, there's more!!

After my yoga class, I had to ... ahem... err... call mum to come pick me up because I was stuck without money or transport. And at 10pm, Danny rang me again to say he was at Ngee Ann City waiting to take me home?!?!!!!!

*mouth drops open and eyes as wide as saucers*

And when he came over to the house to collect the taxi fare, he refused to take anything more than the exact fare even though I insisted on paying double cos he had to come back!!

If I wasn't already attached (and I was also 20 years older) I'd marry this man!!!!

So instead, I'm going to try to hire him!

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