Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Very Own Food Photographer

My Dolphin is such a darling. He has gone and bought himself a fantabulous camera, the Canon EOS 30D, plus a macro lens and has appointed himself my personal food photographer!

What a sweetheart! I have to admit that I had a right go at him when he came skulking him with the more expensive prosumer model because I was convinced this was just one of his phases which would go the way of his home gym, architectural scale modelling kits etc...all the things that are collecting dust and mice droppings in the storeroom.

But I'm really impressed!!

Here are a couple of shots he took like, within a week of getting the camera and no lessons or anything!!

I'm so proud :)))


Laura said...

Great photographs, they look like they were taken by a professional!

Nicole said...

Beautiful! I actually just upgraded to the same camera and I'm very happy with it! What macro lens did he get?

CHRIS said...

hi Nicole this is Chrissy's dolphin.
it was a toss up with the canon 50mm with f2.5 or the sigma 50mm with f2.8.
i went for the the sigma simply because its cheaper and has a life size 1:1 ratio where the canon doesn't. its extra for the attachment tube. i'm really happy with the lens. its really quit a solid build too.

Christine said...

@ Laura: The Dolphin's chest puffed up visibly when he saw your comment!

@ Nicole: ...and he's away! hehehe!